Inverters, Drives, DC/AC Drives

Since the second half of the last century, industrial production processes (e.g., metallurgy, paper, rubber, plastics, chemistry, etc.) have been characterized by a gradual and steady phenomenon of “automation” through the use of Automation Systems capable of flexibly and efficiently managing/regulating production. Of these, variable speed drives(Drives & Drives Systems) are certainly among the most important.

Today, these devices(DC/AC Drives, Drives, Inverters, Soft Starters, etc.) are widely used within production lines and often represent “process critical” elements as they are deputized to perform activities deemed essential to the process itself.

In the manufacturing environment, these devices are often put to the test due to harsh installation environments and continuous processing cycles (h24). For this reason, it is essential to subject these devices to preventive maintenance cycles (
) that can significantly extend their useful life.

Where failures and/or malfunctions occur, prompt action must be taken to restore the normal operating conditions of the production process as soon as possible. In this case, our trained technicians perform repairs on site or in the laboratory using the best diagnostic, repair, testing equipment through the following procedure:

  • Technical Examination and Punctual Diagnosis
  • Fault Finding and Root Cause Analysis
  • Repair of failed components
  • Replacement of senescent components
  • Testing, Testing & Testing Under Load
  • PRE- and POST-intervention assistance (remotely or “in the field”)

Intervention Procedure

Do you want to know in advance how much it costs to repair your inverter? Check out our Price List! Inside you will find dozens of brands and hundreds of models, both in production and discontinued.

Can't find your brand/model within the List? No problem, fill out the Ticket Request form anyway and send it off. Our technicians will examine it and determine its repairability, cost and processing time.

Fill out the Ticket request form and follow the instructions therein. Our Customer Service will assign your product a Ticket Code that will allow you to track the repair.

Try to be accurate and complete in filling out the form. In fact, the information in it is very important as it enables our technicians to identify and circumstantiate the fault. Complete and accurate information at this stage enables fast and reliable service delivery.

Pack the product carefully and ship it to the laboratory indicated in the Ticket assigned by Customer Service; pay sufficient attention to this step. Where not performed properly, in fact, the inverter may suffer further damage during transport.

For some types of products, we can provide containers and/or packaging suitable for the operation (e.g., wooden Flight Case).

Laboratory repair of the failed component is performed. Following the necessary checks, tests, function tests conducted "on the bench," it is installed back on the machine.

Once the component re-installation is performed, commissioning and related testing of the equipment undergoing the re-installation is carried out.

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