BONFIGLIOLI RPS TL series inverters are centralized DC/AC converters of modular architecture, i.e., composed of individual power modules in MULTIMASTER configuration, i.e., independent, or in MASTER – SLAVE configuration (non-independent modules).

The modular design of these centralized inverters makes routine and extraordinary maintenance on them easy and inexpensive. In the event of a failure of one of its component power modules, it is therefore possible to carry out repair and/or
On Site
or in the laboratory) without compromising the service continuity of the entire converter.

The SWAP convention on the BONFIGLIOLI RPS TL line, therefore, covers the AEC 500-50A power modules that equip RPS VECTRON models from 280 up to 1460 kWp.


Based on internal statistical data, it is found that about 95 percent of the malfunctions observed on the above models depend on a localized failure in the converter module, where the most advanced functionalities (control logic, current and voltage measurements, software-integrated interface protections, self-diagnostics, serial communication) and the most important hardware components (IGBT bridge, Gate Units, Control Units, etc.) are concentrated.

Due to the availability of replacement power modules, we are able to replace the failed converter module of the above models in MULTIMASTER configuration with a fully remanufactured converter module with 24-month warranty, which is always available at our warehouses.

We are able to guarantee delivery of the remanufactured module, properly packed in a wooden crate (Flight Case) within 24/48 (valid for mainland Italy) from the call.

Service availability is limited to contracted clients. What are you waiting for? Secure your investment!

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