Several sometimes the downtime of an inverter does not depend on an electronic problem, but more simply on a failure of the electromechanical part that interacts with the ‘inverter itself, one example out of all are the auxiliary contacts of the motorized switches that every day open and close the power circuit, it could be a valve of the water cooling system that has jammed, and so on. Therefore, it is essential that to complement our services there is also specialization in this area. In fact, the specialized skills of our technicians and the considerable experience gained in the field in the field of industrial automation enable STI REPAIR to work on a variety of electromechanical equipment of any nature (e.g. pullers, motorized switches, valves, contactors, PLCs, motors, transformers, inductors, wiring harnesses, photovoltaic trackersi, etc.) restoring their full functionality.

We are able to intervene on systems/processes such as ventilation/cooling equipment (e.g., inverters), both from the electrical and mechanical point of view, up to the reengineering of the same, with the aim of improving and optimizing the operating conditions of the devices under intervention.

Where failures and/or malfunctions occur, prompt action must be taken to restore the normal operating conditions of the production process as soon as possible. In these cases, our specialized technicians perform on-site repairs o in the laboratory using the best diagnostic, repair, testing equipment, through the following procedure:

  • Technical Examination and Punctual Diagnosis
  • Fault Finding and Root Cause Analysis
  • Repair of failed components
  • Replacement of defective and/or malfunctioning components
  • Testing, Testing & Inspection
  • PRE and POST intervention assistance (remote or “in the field”)

Intervention Procedure

Fill out the Ticket request form and follow the instructions therein. Our Customer Service will assign your product a Ticket Code that will allow you to track the repair.

Try to be accurate and complete in filling out the form. In fact, the information in it is very important as it allows our technicians to identify and circumstantiate the fault. Complete and accurate information at this stage enables fast and reliable service delivery.

Based on the information gathered at the pre-diagnosis stage, a non-binding rough estimate will be provided.

Where you decide to proceed, on-site intervention will be planned if the case requires it, or you will be asked to ship the product to our laboratories for final diagnosis.

Repair of the failed component with related function test is performed.

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