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We are an Independent Service Provider (I.S.P.) specializing in the Repair, Refurb and Maintenance of obsolete, discontinued string and centralized multi-brand Solar Inverters or no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

With more than 25 years of experience in the design and implementation of plants, electrical distribution and automation panels, and complex technological systems, today we can capitalize on the know-how gained in the field to provide highly specialized service aimed at preventing and solving unexpected failures affecting production processes.

Our mission is to prevent plant downtime through preventive maintenance services and remanufacturing solutions for process-critical devices and, in the event of an unexpected failure, minimize downtime through single-component level repair of the equipment involved.

We support our customers through both in-lab repairs of their devices and in-field technical interventions performed by our 24/7 Mobile Workshop, always with the use of experienced electronic specialists and certified and reliable work procedures.


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The evolution

The company evolves and adapts to market demands

Chi siamo - Distribuzione



STI was established in the field of design, construction and maintenance of Technological Installations, MV/LV Cabins, Switchboards, Security, Data.

Chi siamo - Automazione



The roots of the founding partners, lead the company toward the design and installation of systems for the automation of industrial machines in the Wood, Plastics, Food, etc., using technologies such as PLC, Inverter, Touch screen, etc., in the full mastery of software dedicated to various equipment and the commonly used software for automation with SCADA and KNX standards.

Chi siamo - Quadri



Through a decision that in retrospect will prove successful, management chooses the first exclusive partner for the supply of materials, Schneider Electric SpA, through which it enters the circuit reserved for specialized cablers called SYSTEM CLUB. Over time, Schneider Electric SpA also became a customer for STI, signing an agreement with which it was entrusted with the wiring of switchboards for the Bologna technical center. Thus was born the new division open to the entire customer base which will be followed by the production line for the design and supply of Electrical Switchboards for Automation and Distribution of high, medium and small power.

Chi siamo - Rinnovabili



The energy crisis faces the world as the growing need for renewable energy and the company decides to diversify its business portfolio through the opening of the Renewable Energy Division, which, through established strategic partnerships with leading Industrial Groups, allows STI to acquire a “vertical” specialization in the area of design, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. During this period of continuous development, the company, also the result of decades of experience in the field of automation, went so far as to design a biaxial photovoltaic tracker (quite different from its German and Spanish competitors at the time) with such success that it produced 1,800pcs of it still in operation today and maintained by us.

Chi siamo - Efficienza



Energy Efficiency is certainly one of the most complex chapters since its task is to find solutions for which investing produces savings. What distinguishes true efficiency, from the simple installation of a photovoltaic system, is the enormous technical expertise and experience that must be brought to bear to devise applicable solutions. A careful audit of consumption and processes needs to be conducted to decide on the most appropriate solutions. From the most complex (such as inverterization of switchboards-automation of production lines, monitoring systems with the help of software such as SCADA, etc.) to the simplest such as replacing lighting with the new generation LED lighting.

Chi siamo - Marine Electricals



Against a background of great changes, STI Ltd. meets MARINE ELECTRICALS Pvt. Ltd. represented by the Uchil family in the person of its president, Mr. Vinay. MARINE is a Mumbai, India-based company that has been operating for more than 45 years in a global scenario. It is a provider of integrated technical services in the fields of industrial and marine automation, offering comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions that lead to better business processes and greater efficiency for customers. In 2016, MARINE chose to acquire the majority of STI’s capital shares, taking control of the company and, in fact, propelling it into a global context. MARINE’s goal was to diversify its business portfolio domestically (India) by entering the renewable energy market (photovoltaics) by leveraging the capitalization of know-how and experience accumulated over more than 15 years of direct presence in that market by STI’s entourage. On the other hand, by leaving full directional and managerial autonomy to Italian management, MARINE would have built a landing channel for its products and services in Europe and would have been able to develop innovative specialized services pertaining to the sectors already served by both companies. From this context came the intuition to develop an innovative service dedicated to specific market segments particularly sensitive to the issues of repair, regeneration and preservation of existing technological heritage.
Learn more about the group MARINE ELECTRICALS Pvt. Ltd.  
Chi siamo - Riparazione



In most industries, a failure of a primary component such as an “Inverter Driver” has as a systematic consequence a loss of production, which, however, can be mitigated by an acceleration or increased shifting of a production line. This CANNOT happen when even a single KWh produced by a Photovoltaic Inverter is lost. It was precisely from this principle that the intuition was born to concentrate all the Managment on the birth of a division specialized in the repair of Photovoltaic Inverters (later expanded to all those power electronics components traceable to the “conversion” part). In fact, STI since 2016 has begun the conversion of the technical staff specializing in automation (who already master the applications of the inverter) to a more comprehensive Team of technicians specializing in electronics (who now also master the circuits inside the inverter). This unique blend that sets us apart from all other competitors allows us to provide a high range of quality services and expertise. The results of this new business immediately prove to be very important, so much so that Management made the decision to convert the entire company to this ONE DIRECTION. In fact, in 2018, “STI Repair,” an Independent Service Provider (ISP) specializing in Repair, Regeneration and Maintenance of obsolete, discontinued or no longer supported by the original manufacturer multi-brand string and centralized Photovoltaic Inverters, was established.


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