In the event of a sudden failure, timely restoration of normal operation of centralized inverters is critical to minimize losses from lost production and safeguard the expected profitability of the investment.

We promote a new operational approach called CIRCULAR INVERTER STRATEGY, which is a circular management model aimed at extending the technical life of obsolete and discontinued centralized photovoltaic inverters.

CIRCULAR INVERTER STRATEGY – Circular Management Centralized Inverters

Our SWAP service is to provide our customers with critical spare parts (e.g.
Power Blocks
) of obsolete and/or discontinued centralized inverters (modular or monoblock) from the most popular manufacturers on the market (e.g. SANTERNO, INGETEAM, BONFIGLIOLI, ABB, POWER ONE, FIMER, ANSWER DRIVES, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, etc.) with the clear intent of offering a timely and competitive restore(RECOVERY) service in case of unexpected failure.

Before being put back into circulation in the market, our spare parts undergo a complete process of


in the laboratory. This allows us to issue a 24-month warranty on remanufactured parts.

Below are the manufacturers whose SWAP service is available:


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