XANTREX - GT 500E - GT 630E

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ‘s XANTREX series of inverters are centralized DC/AC converters of “monoblock” architecture (not modular) consisting of AC and DC protection sections and power conversion (PWM) section.

The monolithic design of these centralized inverters often makes it difficult, and excessively costly, to perform the extraordinary and/or corrective maintenance required in the event of malfunction and/or failure.

The SWAP convention on SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC‘s XANTREX line, therefore, is to make available critical remanufactured spare parts, whether electronic (e.g., electronic control/command boards) or electromechanical (e.g., IGBTs, AC/DC switches, EMI filters, etc.), for use in the event of converter failure and/or malfunction, with the clear purpose of restoring proper inverter functionality in a timely manner.


Due to the availability of remanufactured spare parts, we are able to perform remedial extraordinary and/or corrective maintenance within a few days of the occurrence of the failure/malfunction event. Typically, the intervention consists of replacing(SWAP) the failed components with previously remanufactured replacement parts available in stock. Where technically possible then, failed parts will be taken from the plant and brought to the laboratory to be remanufactured thus replenishing the initial stock of critical spare parts.

Thanks to this operating model, we are able to guarantee extraordinary and/or corrective maintenance interventions within 7 days (valid for mainland Italy) of the call.

Service availability is limited to contracted clients. What are you waiting for? Secure your investment!

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