Centralized Inverter Repair


Inverter Centralizzato

Centralized “modular” and “monoblock” Photovoltaic Inverter Repair usually involves the implementation of a thankless intervention, in part performed On Site, partly performed in the laboratory.
Depending on the cases and requests formulated by the customer, we carry out repair work or Regeneration.

We perform “at the component” repairs and remanufacturing, so we can work on any equipment, regardless of its brand, model, or serial number. The following are some brands with which we have gained significant experience.

In photovoltaic systems equipped with Centralized Inverters (especially if “monoblock”), the breakdown and/or malfunction of AC/DC conversion equipment usually results in large energy and consequently economic losses.

Replacing spare parts and/or repairing damaged components is often very expensive, and manufacturers’ response times are not always in line with the needs of owners or O&M Contractors.

Intervening in a timely and reliable manner is critical to preserving the continuity of the plant and safeguarding the financial viability of the investment. Therefore, our commitment is, where technically possible, to conclude the repair work within 15 days of the call.

In order to further maximize the plant business continuity, on some of the most popular brands on the market (ex. SANTERNO, ABB, POWER ONE, SIEMENS, ASNWER DRIVES, etc.) , we propose a preventive management strategy named Circular Inverter Strategy consisting of “covering” your plant’s centralized inverters from the risk of failure through the ready availability of a SWAP, or of remanufactured spare parts provided with 24-month warranty e always available (for contracted customers only).

Intervention Procedure

Our trained technicians will contact you by phone to understand the nature and causes of the fault in order to be able to draw up a useful pre-diagnosis to minimize the time it takes to intervene in the field.

The information gathered at this stage is very important because it allows the field to be narrowed down to the true nature of the operation, so in order to achieve accurate and timely service, it is essential to take great care in providing accurate information.

Based on the information gathered at the pre-diagnosis stage, a non-binding rough estimate will be provided. Where you decide to proceed, on-site intervention will be planned for final diagnosis.

Before intervening in the field, our trained technicians study the specific case through analysis of the technical documentation available for the machine and its operating context.

Once on site, the technician will validate the findings of the pre-diagnosis by isolating the causes of the malfunction and narrowing it down to the affected component (e.g., control system, operator panel, etc.).

At this stage, where possible, repair is carried out concurrently. In most cases, however, it is necessary to remove the defective component to repair it the laboratory.

Laboratory repair of the failed component is performed. Following the necessary checks, tests, function tests conducted "on the bench," it is installed back on the machine.

Once the component re-installation is performed, commissioning and related testing of the equipment undergoing the re-installation is carried out.

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